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Suva Pro

A game for carpenters



My Tasks

Game Development, GUI Development, Game Design, 3D Supervisor



Web, Windows, OsX, Linux



Away3D, Adobe Air, Actionscript, Stage3D, Javascript, Blender 3D, Gimp, Inkscape



Agency “Phirstfilm Productions GmbH” and the Swiss Insurance “Suva”


The Game

Image_1This is a serious game for carpenters I’ve made for the very famous Swiss insurance “Suva” and the Swiss agency “Phirstfilm Productions GmbH”.

To create this interactive Flash 3D application, I've used the most modern technology from Adobe, Stage3D. Thanks to this technology it was possible to produce high quality 3D games in Flash.
Play the game A Flash Player compatible browser is necessary (Use Puffin for all platforms)


Image_2Through this interactive Serious Game and the 3D animations, students and workers can learn how to use correctly six stationary machines for woodworking. At the start of the game the player can rotate the main building within the six machines and their respective names. After learning the name of the different machines, the player can click on one of them to start the test. After choosing the machine the camera gives the user an overview. At every point of the game the player can have a 360° view of the game using the mouse.

Every device has different workshops and every workshop has different steps. By every step the camera focalize the parts that the player has to correctly set through slides and drag&drop.

Game Mechanic

Image_3If the player doesn’t set the machine correctly, the game will shows which parts of the selected machine were wrong. The player wins the game if all the workshops of all six machines have been successfully completed. To understand how to win, the player has to learn through the 3D animations of the official game page how safely use the machines.


Image_4It’s possible to play the game in 3 different languages (italian, german and french) directly on the Web or if you want you can order a DVD (includes the game and the 3D animations) directly from the official game homepage for free!