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Blender 2.5 Hotspot

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The Book

Image_1I was envolved in the technical review of this book. Blender 2.5 Hotshot will show you how powerful and capable Blender 3D is when you exploit its full potential. Move beyond basic tasks in Blender 3d and dive into more challenging territory. Ditch simple boring characters in favor of creating more detailed, visually rich, and polished results.

We will start by covering all the steps involved in producing a complete image from scratch by working on a scene of a starship; then we'll go into working with blueprints by creating an aircraft scene and a car model. Next you will use the video editor by creating a professional looking demo-reel followed by the game engine to create an interactive first person architectural walkthrough.

Since each chapter is a complete project you'll also learn to create very nice materials, including multi-layered textures and the usage of color ramps to achieve special effects. On the lighting part you'll be learning various tricks to control how each light behaves and affects the scene, along with some basic setups for common situations. On the modeling part you'll be working both on mechanical and organic objects, learning some key concepts along the way.

Compositing is widely used to take normal renders to the next level and add some nice special effects like glare. You will even have the opportunity to write some Python code for the game engine. Finally, you'll work on creating a snail using some advanced texturing tricks and compositing it into real footage.

Create very cool scenes from scratch and learn basic concepts and good techniques along the way.

In my opinion, Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT is a fascinating read of geekiness and total mastery of the subject. You can feel the passion oozing off the pages, and it shows in every detail. A very high-level of knowledge is needed to enjoy the book properly. For professionals, 9/10. For common users, 7/10.
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