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Höbelistrasse 4a, CH-8707 Uetikon am See

+41 (0)76 772 66 58


I am an avid Game Designer with a particular interest in the design and development of Serious Games and Augmented Reality products. Through working on my projects, I have gained experience at a variety of game development tasks and I have also acquired good teamwork, writing, and communication skills.

Innovation is extremely important to me as a Game Designer, due to the fact that innovation is what separates your game from others.


Game Writing and Storytelling, Game Theory and Ludology, Game Rules and Mechanics, Game Art, Game Design, Visual Techniques, Game Engine Programming, Game Sound Design, Fundamentals of Design, Digital Model Making, Marketing and Management, Physical Computing, 2D/3D Assets Design and Development, 2D/3D Characters Design and Development.


Adobe ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR SDK, Haxe, Blender 3D, Away3D, OpenFL, HaxeFlixel, Starling, C, Python, Html, Inkscape, Gimp


2012 – Present / / / Game Designer
Game Design GmbH, Zurich (Switzerland)
Tasks: Game Designer, AR Expert, 3D Artist, Developer

2010 – 2013 / / / Game Designer
Vanija GmbH, Zurich (Switzerland)
Tasks: Game Designer, 3D/2D Artist, Game Developer, Augmented Reality Developer, Physical Computing Developer

2009 / / / Game Designer
Rehabilitation Center, Affoltern a. Albis (Switzerland)
Tasks: Game Designer, 3D/2D Artist, Game Developer, Physical Computing Developer. I’ve created 5 serious games and self built input devices for physiotherapy for playing the games.

2003 – 2007 / / / Freelancer Flash Animator and Illustrator
Sevaweb, Jona (Switzerland)
Tasks: Freelancer Flash Animator and Illustrator. I’ve created the flash animations for its customers.

2004 – 2005 / / / Freelancer 2D and 3D Artist
Rattenfest, Rapperswil (Switzerland)
Tasks: Freelancer 2D and 3D Artist. Rattenfest is a famous and very big Swiss party in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

2001 – 2002 / / / Military Services and Software Developer
Military Center, Genoa (Italy)
Tasks: Military Services and Software Developer. While my military career in Genoa for 13 Months, I spent my free time, to develop software for the Security Navigation Department.

2000 – 2001 / / / Computer Technical Supporter
Club D’Oro, Milazzo (Italy)
Tasks: Computer Technical Supporter

2000 – 2001 / / / Author, designer and promoter
Biliardo Online, Milazzo (Italy)
Tasks: Author, Designer and Promoter of the internet project for the “Biliardo Online” business.

1992 – Present / / / Various Freelancing Jobs
Tasks: Game Designer, 3D/2D Artist, Game Developer, Augmented Reality Developer, Physical Computing Developer


  • Italian: native language
  • English: intermediate (speaking, reading, writing)
  • German: fluent (speaking, reading, writing); Goethe Diplom


2006 – 2009 / / / Bachelor of Arts ZFH, Game Design / Interaction Design
University of the Arts and Design Zurich (Switzerland)

2000 – 2001 / / / Certificate Euro Training in Data Processing
Military Institute “Maricentro Taranto”, Taranto (Italy)

1994 – 2000 / / / Diploma, Microelectronic Systems and Telecommunications
Industrial Technical Institute “ITIS E.Majorana”, Milazzo (Italy)


2009 / / / Game Design Degree
Game Design Degree obtained at the Zurich University of the Arts with full marks.

2009 / / / Nomination
Nomination for the creation of one of the top three projects of the whole Zurich University of the Arts.


Bruno Mettler
Herr Azzarello arbeitet sehr zuverlässig, sehr konzentriert und lernt ausserordentlich schnell. Er ist sehr interessiert, motiviert, jederzeit bereit neues zu lernen und hat die seine auferlegten Arbeiten zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit erfüllt.

Sein Auftreten und Verhalten gegenüber Kunden, Kollegen und den Untermietern war immer vorbildlich und herzlich.

Zu den Aufgaben von Rosario Azzarello gehörten:
– Konzeption und Design von Spielen und Augmented Reality Anwendungen als Standalone, Web & Mobile
– Actionscript, Air & Flash Anwendungen für Web wie auch mobile Apps
– 3D Modelling, inkl. Animationen, UVs & Character Animations
– Physical Computing Projekte

Bei der Umsetzung der Projekte konnte Herr Azzarello seine umfangreichen Kenntnisse verschiedener Sprachen und Tools anwenden:
– Open Source Tools wie Blender, Inscape & Gimp
– VRML für Standalone Augmented Reality Anwendungen
– Arduino für physical computing Anwendungen
– Actionscript, Air, Flash, Javascript & Mono (Xamarin)
– After Effects, Photoshop, etc.

– Bruno Mettler, Leader of Vanija GmbH

David Rieder
Mit Rosario haben wir einen innovativen und zuverlässigen Kopf für unsere Umsetzungen gefunden. Sein persönliches Engagement und seine Problemlösungen waren für uns und unsere Kunden von grosser Bedeutung.

– David Rieder, Leader of Phirstfilm Productions GmbH

Dr. Phil. Beat Suter
Rosario is a great guy and a determined gamedesigner. With Circolino he developed a serious game for therapeutical purposes with innovative new individual controls. Not only he designed the 3D-game with all characters and gameplay, but he built all controls from scratch and persisted in perfecting them. Thus he offers patients the possibilty to play each game with alomst any movement. Furthermore he implemented a system that does not require the therapist to go through several procedures to set up the devices but start the game system quickly.

– Dr. Phil. Beat Suter, ZhdK

Reto Spoerri
Rosario Azzarello hat bei seinen Projekten Kreativität und Eigeninitiative gezeigt. Seine Arbeiten beinhalten neben den Softwarekomponenten auch selbst entwickelte Hardware welche die Projekte zu Unikaten machen.

– Reto Spoerri, Leader of Ludic GmbH

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